Fitness Team’s views on how we can help ourselves

Posted on 26th Mar 2020


Yesterday, our Fitness Team shared an article on their Instagram page about their views on how we can help ourselves stay well not just today but always...


"Offence is the best form of defence" ⠀


Perspective is important and given that Covid-19 is still unfolding and largely unknown to actual experts the recent trend of some in the fitness industry downplaying it isn’t particularly helpful. Yes there are many truths to some of the ‘copy and paste’ posts circulating, i.e. mental illness/suicide kills millions each year, and obesity jeopardises health just as much if not more than flu viruses, but this isn’t an either or scenario, we can multi task a healthy lifestyle that will support all aspects of health.

The government guidelines have been made clear and we should follow those protocols, but science tells us this corona virus is air born and as such will be a challenge to avoid for most that frequent busy gatherings over the forthcoming months.  Gyms and studios have dozens of people in the same vicinity at one time, heavy breathing, sweating and potentially, temporarily lowering their immune system by pushing their bodies to fatigue. This may appear obvious but still worth pointing out, that if we are in our best shape, we are likely to ride out the symptoms of a virus, and addressing the following will  stand us in good stead.


  • Continue to exercise regularly, but it may be prudent not to over reach.⠀
  • Avoid sugar and alcohol, or at least reduce consumption. Both hinder our immune system.⠀
  • Get enough good quality sleep.⠀
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of fruit, vegetables and whole protein sources.  Our very own Georgia's website offers more information on this.
  • Drink plenty of water, keep a bottle with you constantly.⠀
  • Added antioxidants like vitamin C may help, along with zinc and vitamin D3 which have been shown to help support our immune system.⠀

Regardless of our age or underlying health issues we can all ensure we follow some very basic principles to maintain or improve upon our physical constitution.⠀

Wishing everyone the very best of health now and in the future.⠀


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