Personal Training

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Why does Personal Training often work when other methods of training have failed?  The main reason is Motivation!  If your training regime has hit a plateau or you're feeling uninspired, it could be time to invest in a Personal Trainer.  With their encouragement and expertise, you will reach new levels and see your body respond positively.


Your trainer will devote their full attention to you, providing encouragement and ensuring that every session is safe, effective, and tailored to you.  A structured exercise programme, created just for you, will build on your past achievements and future goals.  With a Personal Trainer by your side the limits you can reach are far greater than you could ever imagine!


Your workout sessions will be much more enjoyable because you are working out with someone AND you will be introduced to a whole new world of training.  Over time you will learn a wide range of fresh and effective exercises which you can use on your own once you are competent to do so.  Supervised sessions leads to more superior results than you would if you were to exercise by yourself and because you are paying for it, you are more likely to committ fully to the sessions.


Whether you are a professional athlete seeking to perfect your training, a determined competitor looking for that extra edge, an active individual intent on improving performance in any competitive/recreational sport OR you simply want to be in better physical condition, our team is here and ready to help!



Mark Daley
Health & Fitness and Operations Manager

Sandra Hewson
PT, Class Instructor and Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Clare Tilsed
Body Pump, Spin and Midline teacher, Swimming Instructor

Jo Woodall
Personal Trainer

Ollie Griggs
Personal Trainer

Adrian Woodall
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Cleo Woodall
Personal Trainer

Maxine Craig
Personal Trainer

Janine Davis
Personal Trainer

Lucy Neale
Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, Gym Team

Anita Török
Gym Team, Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

Fara Jalali
Gym Team, Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

Myles Wheaton-Green
Personal Trainer

Catherine Baxendale
Gym Team, Personal Trainer

Skye Blewdon
Gym Team, Personal Trainer