Adult Tennis - Gradings & Sessions

Adult Tennis Grading and Session Descriptions

Although the West Hants Club makes every effort to accommodation all members, courses and Pay & Play activities must have a minimum of 4 players booked in order to run.  The final decision is at the discretion of the Director of Tennis.



For adults who want to start learning the game and are looking for a new challenge in life – look no further! Sessions will cover basic technical and tactical aspects incorporated within a games based approach which allows progressive learning, making it fu and enjoyable.  Sessions will involve drills and introduction to match play.



For those who have previously attended the level below or who are returning after a lengthy absence and want to brush up on their skills.  This course is also suitable for those who still require some fine tuning on basic technique and wish to build their confidence in match play situations.  Players should be able to maintain a rally from the baseline with both forehands and backhands and be capable of serving overarm.



This course is for those players who have progressed through the lower levels of the club programme. Players must be capable of playing all the basic strokes and have a good understanding of the rules and scoring for both singles and doubles.



For those who want to further improve their technical and tactical game with a view to competing in club events/tournaments.  Players should be capable of hitting with spin on all the basic strokes. A sound knowledge of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles is required.



This course is aimed at players who have a sound understanding of all the basic strokes and will provide an invaluable insight into the more advanced tactics for both singles and doubles. The sessions will involve a range of drills to improve technique and gain a greater understanding of the tactics, together with an opportunity to put it into matchplay.



Players must be competent in all areas of the game and be capable of hitting with pace, spin and consistency.  A full range of all the strokes will be covered in this course and an opportunity to explore tactics in greater depth for both singles and doubles.  Sessions will be games based allowing players to develop skills in a matchplay situation.



For those progressing through the course programme levels as listed above. A strong Club player who is capable of hitting with pace, control and consistency and representing the Club in local leagues.



Top Club standard players, competing for the Club teams and show advanced levels of tactics in both singles and doubles.




These sessions are supervised by a member of staff. Players sign up with the member of staff on duty and then are allocated to doubles matches.  Players play a set number of games before rotating off and mixing in with different group of four players. It is requested that players of yellow level and below attend the earlier part of the session to be integrated into the session.



All sessions are coach led with a balance of tennis related drills and then an opportunity for some matchplay.  If you wish to take part, booking at reception in advance is essential as sessions are often well over-subscribed. Sessions are graded according to the level of the group so please make sure you sign up for the most appropriate group relevant to your standard of play.  Places are limited and can be booked at reception 2 weeks in advance.



This session is a mix of drills based around the 4 performance factors, followed by matchplay. All sessions are supervised by a member of staff and it is imply a case of turning up and paying at reception before attending the session.  A good chance for those who want to avoid the Sunday chores and blow off the cobwebs for the Saturday evening! A new session on the Wednesday based on a similar line to the Sunday morning, but numbers will be limited so places can be booked at Reception 2 weeks in advance. Sessions are graded so please see course details.



Cardio tennis is a series of tennis-based drills and activities played to up-tempo music on a tennis court. It does not require tennis skills, but is all about keeping your heart beat up, burning calories and having fun. Cardio tennis includes a warm-up, work out and cool down.  There are drills for absolute beginners to advanced players and whether the ball goes in or out is irrelevant as the main purpose is to get fit. It is not a coaching session but is about hitting lots of balls and keeping active throughout with the main aim of getting fit doing tennis related exercises.


The West Hants Club holds many tennis competitions and events throughout the year. For further details about coaching sessions and courses please contact James Mcintosh, via Club Reception or on email at For further details about Mini Tennis competitions and tournaments contact Scott Holland, For course and tennis programme enquiries please contact James White:

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