Studio Class Descriptions

Studio Class Descriptions


Aqua Tone

Take the plunge and use water resistance for a complete body workout. 



Ballet inspired fitness class with a variation of barre work, dance routines, core and stability work. A fun, heart pumping, leg burning workout. 


Body Balance

Combines the fundamental principles of Yoga, Tai-Chi, and Pilates. Controlled breathing, flexibility, and strength training will leave you energised and relaxed.


Body Pump

A barbell workout designed to exhaust muscles in the high repetition and low resistance training zone to get lean and build endurance fast. A short induction with a gym instructor is advisable before you try Body Pump. 


Booty Bootcamp

A glute specific workout to shape and strengthen the glutes along with upper legs and core. 


CrossFit Experience

A strength and conditioning program that delivers inclusive fitness. Every session is varied, and consists of functional movements performed at high intensity.


Dance Mix

Set to your favorite top hits, this class gives a full body workout that is such fun that you don't even notice that you are exercising.


Dynamic Stretch

An active stretching class (no relaxation), to improve range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance. Using a combination of your own body weight and bands to achieve creative ways of moving your body.



A short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout designed to build strength, lean muscle, and maximise calorie burn



Short, intense, workout based on the principle "train until you can't; rest until you can". Utilising bodyweight and free weights to fire up the athlete in you.


Midline Express

Incorporates functional movement, focussing on glutes, abdominals, back, chest and shoulders.



Uses slow and controlled movements to strengthen deep core muscles which support and stabilise the spine, improve posture, and realign the body.


Pure Stretch

Lengthen and revitalise your muscles with a gentle and effective sequence of static and moving stretches for the whole body.



Workout on stationary bikes, offering different levels of intensity depending on speed and hill cycling. An ideal cardio workout that burns calories but doesn't require co-ordination.


Total Body

Using bodyweight, resistance bands and weights to build a stronger, leaner body, while burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness.


Vinyasa Yoga

Incorporating deep stretches, yoga postures, and Pilates exercises. Each elementsis validated from a fitness view.


Walking Club

An outdoor walking class to refresh your body, improve cardiovascular fitness, and tone up your muscles.


Gentle Yoga

Classic yoga postures, including standing, balancing and seated movements to look after your whole body and self. Improve breathing techniques and relax deeply too.


Zen Yoga

Uses mindfulness & meditation to lead physical movement & realign with the environment. Guided by breath, zen yoga reflects the 5 element system & works with energy & meridians of the body, helping us to become more present & focused in our every day.



Dance your way to better fitness in this fun, exciting class where you'll move your body to Latininspired moves. Tone up, burn calories, and feel good.






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