Junior Tennis Course Descriptions

Junior Course Descriptions

Junior Tennis – Course Descriptions


The West Hants Club make every effort to accommodate all players.  Courses and Pay & Play activities must have a minimum of 4 players booked on the session in order to run. The final decision is at the discretion of the Director of Tennis.



Parent and Tots

*A parent or guardian must accompany their child on court, and take part in this session.

For children aged 3&4 and not attending school. This session is based on parents being on court with their children working through a number of skill based activities which will be delivered by one of the coaching team. The parent and child will work together so that they can then practice the skills away from the session to improve.


LTA Youth Blue Stage - Tots

Reception year and above. For children aged 4 upwards and attending school, who will be introduced to the game of tennis through generic ball skills. These will include; balance, movement, co-ordination and general dexterity exercises introduced through fun games and skills exercises.


LTA Youth Blue Stage -Pre Red

This course bridges the gap between Mini Tennis Tots and Mini Tennis Red. The emphasis is on developing fundamental movement and ball skills and above all else, FUN! They will be introduced to the basic strokes to play the game, and will continue to build on their athletic, balance and co-ordination skills.


LTA Youth Stage Red - Mini Red

For children aged 5 years and over who wish to start learning tennis. Sessions will cover basic co-ordination, racket and ball skills and various fun games. The emphasis is very much on FUN while developing basic sending and receiving skills to start rallying.


LTA Youth Stage Red - Mini Red 2

For children who have progressed through the first level.  This course will develop the basic skills needed for the game addressing basic techniques and tactics and getting players to rally, serve and score, progressing from a small space to full red court.


LTA Youth Orange - Mini Tennis Orange

For players aged 8&9 years old they will play on the orange court with low compression balls. Equipment, court size and rules are adapted to cater for the players’ ability. Sessions cover co-ordination and movement exercises, basic rules, technique and tactics of the game.


LTA Youth green - Mini Tennis Green

For children who have progressed through the lower levels. Sessions focus on developing technique on all strokes and explore tactical situations incorporating a games based approach to enhance new skills and extend learning.  Sessions will build on all aspects covered in MT Orange.


Junior Bronze

For children (10yrs+) who have completed the Mini tennis Green Award system. They must be able to maintain a groundstroke rally from the baseline, be able to serve overarm and play a game of singles/doubles. Basic knowledge of the rules is essential. Sessions will include technique and tactics incorporated within drills and games. Level 1 is below Level 2.


Junior Silver

For children who are able to rally consistently from the baseline with both forehands and backhands. They must be able to play all the basic shots with a variety of spins and have an understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles. Sessions include drills and tactics for both singles and doubles matchplay. This course is intended for players who wish to play in tournaments and gain an LTA rating.


Junior Gold

For players who have a good understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles. Players should be able to rally from the baseline and be able to play all the basic strokes with spin, pace, depth and accuracy. Sessions will cover technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game. Players wishing to attend this course should have an LTA rating and be approved by the Director of Tennis. Level 1 is below Level 2.




Junior Invitational Squads

Invitation only. These squads are designed for players who are involved or have potential to progress into the County programme and are regularly completing in tournaments. Sessions prepare players for tournaments and matchplay, focusing on the 4 performance factors – technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game. Any player invited into these squads is invited to play for club in the team tennis events.


Mini & Junior Club Evening

These are FREE sessions for Junior members that run each week during the school holidays. Non-member friends are welcome (small guest fee). The sessions are fun, games based sessions for players aged between 5 and 12 years old.


The West Hants Club holds many tennis competitions and events throughout the year. For further details about coaching sessions and courses please contact James Mcintosh, via Club Reception or on email at james.mcintosh@westhants.co.uk. For further details about Mini Tennis competitions and tournaments contact Scott Holland, scott.holland@westhants.co.uk. For course and tennis programme enquiries please contact James White: James.white@westhants.co.uk

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