Tennis Coaching

Tennis Coaching at West Hants

The West Hants Coaching Team has a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of the game. From coaches who have over 30 years of coaching experience to newly qualified coaches who have recently come off the tour.


The team all have defined roles and there is a great balance of youth and experience across the team within the different elements of the coaching programme.


All the coaching team offer individual lessons and rates are based on level of qualification and overall experience.


The team is committed to developing every player within the programme and offering advice and guidance no matter what your level. The great qualities amongst the team are their shared enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism for the sport. Click here to see our current tennis programme timetable.



James White
Acting Director of Tennis

Richard Irwin
Head RPDC Coach

Sasha Wood
Sports Manager – Events & Tournaments

Scott Holland
11U performance manager

Maz Bury
Strength & Conditioning Manager

Ollie Griggs
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sarah-Jane Wright
Welfare Officer & Administrator

Piers Farhang
RPDC assistant coach

James McIntosh
Club Programme Manager

Catherine Lawson
11U club programme Manager

Adam Glynn
Club Coach

Rob Ringshaw
Club Coach

Roger Dibblin
Club Coach

Rob Booth
Talbot Heath Academy

Stuart Anderson
Club Coach

Emily Rushen
Club coach/ BGTC head coach

Mike Booth
Club coach