West Hants women’s tennis team win!

Posted on 11th Apr 2022


West Hants women had a very successful match on Sunday. In the first home tie of the 2022 Team Tennis season, they over powered Halton tennis club, who have remained undefeated in regional play for the past 4 years. They were also finalists in 2021, and national champions in 2020. So to say team captain,  Jane Bingham was pleased with the win, is a complete understatement!


Many will remember Lauryn from her academy days at West Hants.  After a successful university career in Arizona, she is playing the full time pro circuit,  and agreed to represent the club. At 1009 WTA, she was pure class against a great player in Laura Salisbury.  It was poetic watching her float around the court, and she won 6-1 6-0.


Hannah, also previously at the junior academy makes her debut for WH this season, and made some spectacular shots as she battled to a 3 set win against Emma.  Amelia returned to action at 3, and quickly disposed of Helen 6-2 6-0. Friend of LJ, and new to West Hants and team tennis was Sasa. She played some stunning backhand, and aggressive attacking play, to stun junior Anna. So 4-0 after singles was a breathtaking start.


Mollie stepped in for doubles with Hannah, and whilst it was fun to watch, the scoreboard ran away to give Halton a point. Amelia and new partner Sasa held firm and were just too good at 2nd doubles to wrap up the match 10-2 and give West Hants a fabulous platform for the rest of the season.



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