First Ever Padel Club Championships 2018

Posted on 08th Nov 2018


The introduction of Padel to West Hants has been extremely busy since its opening in May. Having had the best summer since 1976 there couldn’t have been a better year to open the court to members. Many hours of practice have been seen on the court which culminated in the Club Championships that finished on Saturday 27th October.


Report by Chris Cant


Men’s Event

With 32 players competing in this event it was always going to be hotly contested. The best tennis, squash and racketball players played in the tournament which saw many different styles and tactics. The final of the plate was won by George Cole (tennis background) and Charles Ferguson (padel background). The runners up were Rob Cousins (tennis background) and Paul Martin (racketball, squash and tennis background).


The main draw final was played on a Friday evening and had around 50 people watching. This intriguing contest was between two very talented tennis players (Andy Phillips, winner of 6 tennis club championships and Lee Sabin, former professional tennis player) and Andy Corben (winner of 13 squash / racketball club championships) and Nick Macey (one of the best all round racket players in the club). After a tough contest the tennis players (Phillips and Sabin) proved to be too much for Corben and Macey.


Ladies Event

Played on Saturday 27th October, 16 ladies took part in the first Ladies Padel Club Championships. Again, we had ladies from different racket sporting backgrounds however the over all winners were made up of a squash player and a tennis player. Alex Ewins (squash player) and Kia Babb (tennis player) beat Debbie Merritt (tennis player) and Caroline Nicholson (tennis and squash player). The final had some great rallies however Alex’s experience off the walls and Kia’s attacking topspin forehand proved too much for their opponents.


The event has proved that padel is a game for all, whether you are new to racket sports or an experienced squash, racketball or tennis player. If you would like to get involved in Padel please contact Chris Cant or Nick Macey via Reception.







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