West Hants Tennis Colour Grading and Reassessment

Posted on 27th Aug 2017


If you are a new member yet to be given a colour grade or an existing member who would like to be re-assessed then our coaches are here to help!


What is the purpose of the system?

It helps members identify relevant courses and activities in which to participate and find other players of a similar level with whom to play.
It sets out a pathway to potentially improve your game to the next level.
It helps the tennis team when planning and running events or tournaments.


How is your colour grade monitored and changed?

The tennis team monitor your ability if you are on a coaching course and participating in a pay and play, club session or event.
If you play in the box leagues and beat three players of a higher colour over a six month period, your colour will automatically go up.
You can sign-up at reception for a re-assessment.


The West Hants Colour Grading System follows snooker ball colours from their lowest to highest points value – red, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black – as a simple measurement of playing standard. The criteria for each colour is described in the table below. 


Please remember, the West Hants colour system is a “guide” and players wishing to improve competitively should be using he LTA National Rating system through their British Tennis Membership (BTM).


To organise a meeting with the tennis team to asses your colour grading contact 


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