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Posted on 27th Mar 2020


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Fitness and sport are our passions but we also love nature, and how it nurtures our bodies.  Here are some photos that our members have been sharing with us since Monday 23 March 2020. 


What outdoor views are you enjoying?   Would you like to share them with the rest of our Club community?


Each weekend we’ll share four, anonymously, on Facebook and ask visitors to vote for their favourite.  Photos will also be shared on Instagram for people to enjoy.  The winners will go into a “finalists” post at the end of hibernation and I’m sure we can sort out a fabulous prize for the winners and runners-up when we re-open! 


Not on Social Media?  You can still join us by re-visiting the this page weekly and enjoy the new additions to the page.  You could even send a photo or vote for your favourite if you want to join in the competition by emailing (please do not email our usual info@ address for Hibernation Gallery photos or votes).


This idea has been gifted to us by our Walking Group, led by our wonderful instructor Sandra.  If you know Sandra, you are welcome to text her your photos!  One of her regulars shared this quote, "Hear five sounds, see four colours, smell three scents, feel two sensations and think of one thing to be grateful for".  We loved that.


Week 10 - titles below

1. Walking makes me feel 10 feet tall

2. Orange glow

3. Throop Mill

4. Lone rider

5. Grabbing the sun



Week 9 - titles below

1. Sunset reflections

2. Room with a view

3. When the dog's too tired to walk (weekly winner)

4. Sunset over Sandbanks

5. Very impressed to see the QE2 moored at Lulworth along with five other cruise ships!



Week 8 - titles below


1. To those who gave so much, thank you and cheers! (weekly winner)

2. It was a good party, socially distancing of course

3. VE Day 2020 all prepped

4. Footloose and grateful

5. A sign of great union



Week 7 - titles below 


1. Grape hyacinthys

2. A carpet of red

3. Amelanchier

4. NHS Delivery via Bournemouth Airport

5. Spring into Summer (weekly winner)



Week 6 - titles below

1. Goodnight Day

2. Camellias in bloom in Ashley Cross   

3. Purple haze

4. I wonder who lives here?  (weekly winner)   



Week 5 - titles below

1. Exercise frozen in time

2. Lonely walk

3. A cheerful splash of colour

4. Privacy please, I'm trying to have a bath! (weekly winner)



Week 4 - titles below

1. Gorse in bloom at Parkstone Golf Course

2. Bunnies in the Garden

3. Easter Feast

4. Easter Tree of Life (weekly winner)



Week 3 - titles below

1. White daffodils

2. Here comes the sun

3. So calm and peaceful (weekly winner)

4. When willow see you again



Week 2 - titles below

1. Just going (joint weekly winner)

2. Magical magnolia moments

3. Peace (joint weekly winner)

4. Morning Bournemouth



Week 1 - titles below

1. The Crows are self-isolating

2. Sand Waves (weekly winner)

3. A somewhat unique picture

4. The first time I've noticed flowers on my acer


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