APP update

Posted on 26th Jan 2024


(Also sent via email to full members on 26th January)


A few weeks ago, a change was made to the Elite Live APP to add the court location back into the ‘Booking History’ section following feedback from members.


During this change, the external APP provider reverted the system back to how it had been historically prior the new designs. This means you can now only see the new date appear at 7am, 7 days in advance.


We believe this change has caused a bit on confusion, so we wanted to clarify…


If you are using the Elite Live APP to book courts, please note the below:


  • Do not click ‘Book Tennis Court’ button until 7:00am, that way you will immediately be able to see the new date.


  • If you sit in the grid ("all court") view, then you need to do something to refresh the page at 07:00am (like select the preferred surface at 07:00am). The APP doesn’t automatically update every second if you are not doing anything whilst sat in the grid view so you will not automatically see the new date appear at 07:00.

The same applies if you are using a desktop device. You will need to refresh the page at 07:00am to see the new date appear.


We have requested that the APP company revert the change, but this will need to go through a review process first, followed by development and change team if approved.  The important thing is that everyone is seeing the courts at the same time, so bookings are fair.


Please don’t hesitate to stop by Reception if you need help with the app or click here to email us.


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