2020 Fitness Challenge Winners

Posted on 12th Feb 2020


Congratulations to our 2020 Fitness Challenge Winners, Jan and Vince!


A few words from our Health & Fitness Manager, Mark...


Last October we launched our "Pairs Health and Fitness Challenge". 13 pairs signed up and each couple were appointed a Personal Trainer. 


The teams initially had 8 weeks to make lifestyle changes with a view to improve their health, body composition, strength and fitness. Most of the couples improved, some dramatically. The intention of our challenges are always to create a sustainable lifestyle that continues to benefit long term so, as a twist to the usual challenge, 6 couples were chosen to move forward to undertake a further 8 weeks to ensure their diets, training regimens and progress were sustainable. We are pleased to share that all 6 pairs have stuck to their healthy lifestyles and continued to improve!


We said at the start that we would award a winning team. All the pairs have improved in various ways, so choosing our winners wasn't an easy task. At the risk of sounding corny all the teams are winners based on their achievements. Having deliberated with the team (including Dan, Clare, Lucy, Georgia and Jo) we decided to give the winning title to Jan and Vince - well done too to Myles their appointed trainer. Jan and Vince will receive a complimentary three-course meal for two in our Restaurant!


Thank you to all the pairs that took part and made this another successful "challenge"; we're proud of you all and have loved your enthusiasm. Remember, your new routines are sustainable so keep going to enjoy the long-term benefits of a healthier lifestyle.



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