2019 Squash & Racketball Handicap Tournament Results

Posted on 15th Dec 2019


Thank you to all those that took part, and supported the players, making this another successful squash and racketball tournament!  


The results of the 2019 Squash and Racketball Handicap tournament are as follows:


  • Racketball Singles Main Draw Final – Gus beat David Lobo: 2-1
  • Racketball Singles Plate Draw Final – Peter Elviss beat Paul Martin: 2-1


  • Squash Singles Main Draw Final – David Lobo beat Sam Old: 2-1
  • Squash Singles Plate Draw Final – Nick Hiscocks beat Bev Vatcher: 2-0


  • Racketball Doubles Main Draw Final –Gus Bell & Marc James beat Andy Metcalf & James Allingham: 2-0
  • Racketball Doubles Plate Draw Final –Steve Morris & Richard Bailey beat Peter Pietruszka & Graham Sayer: 2-1










Anyone up for the Festive Bugle Event on Saturday 28th December


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