Padel Tennis

The West Hants Club is excited to announce the launch of Padel Tennis right here in Bournemouth from May 2018!

What is Padel Tennis?

  • It is a cross between tennis, squash and racketball.
  • Played on an outdoor court measuring 20m x 10m with a net across the middle and walls around the outside.
  • Scoring is exactly the same as Tennis and is played as doubles with 4 people on court.
  • To serve you drop the ball and hit underarm cross court.
  • When you hit the ball over the net it has to hit the ground first before hitting a wall.
  • Played with a bat that is made from foam, EVA rubber and fiberglass, it has holes in the head rather than strings.


Padel Tennis History

Padel tennis was invented in the 1960’s by Enrique Corcuera, a Mexican billionaire whose mansion lacked space for a full size tennis court. Then in 1975 an Argentine millionaire imported the sport to Spain where it became a sporting sensation. Today, Padel Tennis is played by approximately 10 million Spanish players. In the UK the sport is growing rapidly and already has 2,000 registered players.


Why Play Padel Tennis?

  • It’s a fun, sociable but competitive sport.
  • Easy to learn and enjoy playing.
  • Achieve entertaining rallies right from your first go!
  • A game for everyone no matter your age or ability.
  • Balls stay within the small court area with no walking to pick up stray balls.
  • If you have played tennis, squash or racketball in the past you will pick it up quickly.


Booking the Padel Tennis Court

Court hire is free for all full members of The West Hants Club and can be booked up to two weeks in advance. Members will not be allowed to double book the court and failure to show for a booking with result in a £10 charge and your booking right taken away for one month.

Bats can be hired at Reception for £2 a time or all 4 bats for £5 (key deposit required). Padel Tennis Bats and balls are available to buy from the Club Shop.



Beginners Padel Tennis Coaching & Short Courses

Our qualified coaches will be running short taster courses for the new sport which will take place each month. These will run for 3 weeks and cost £30 per member. Price includes bats. Please note that these courses are open to members only who have not previously attended a beginners padel course.


There are a maximum of 4 places available per course so please sign-up at Reception to reserve your place.


For details on course dates and times, please see the Padel noticeboard or contact