Wimbledon 2019 - opt-in by 22 Feb

Posted on 03rd Feb 2019


Want a chance to go to Wimbledon 2019?  *Deadline to opt-in was 22nd February 2019 and has now passed*


If you are a British Tennis Member:


If you are a British Tennis Member you should by now have had a couple of emails from British Tennis advising you to opt-in for the 2019 Wimbledon ballot.   This is a reminder for you to take action NOW!  You will still need to do this even if you did it last year.


This year British Tennis are clamping down even more on their allocation process so unless you take action by 22nd February you will not be eligible for our Wimbledon tickets ballot.  Our hands are increasingly tied regarding ticket allocation to those that have not opted in so it is important you act today as we will be unable to help you with tickets after this date.  Please note you must go through the process outlined below even if you did it last year.


  • Log in and you should see a banner at the top asking if you want to OPT IN for the Wimbledon Ballot. Click on this and you will be automatically entered into the 2019 ballot.
  • Opt-in before the 22nd February 2019.


Not a British Tennis Member?  Register for FREE:


  • Go online to
  • On the right hand side, click on 'Sign up today'.

  • Fill in the relevant details to create your 'Lite Membership' account.

  • You will need to enter West Hants LTC as the site you attend.

  • You then need to opt in before the 22nd February 2019 to be entered into this year's Wimbledon ballot.


Take action today to ensure you have entered the 2019 ballot - best of luck!


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