2020 Tennis Handicap Tournament - The Draws

Posted on 06th Dec 2019


This popular Club tournament is back and was open to members of playing standard; handicaps have been allocated accordingly.  Primarily for adults, we welcome entries from players aged 14 and above (at 31st December 2019).  Entries closed on Sunday 23rd February and the Draws are now available - see below.  


Keep scrolling for more Tournament information (scoring, rules) or if you have any questions, please email Sasha Wood, our Tournament Director.


Men's Singles Draw


Women's Singles Draw


Men's Doubles Draw


Ladies Doubles Draw


Mixed Doubles Draw



What happens next?

  • All entries and entry fees (£8/person for ages 18+ and £6/person for ages 14-17 inclusive) must be submitted to Reception by Sunday 23rd February (Closing Date).
  • If you have named a partner in the doubles events – they too must have submitted an entry form and entry fee by the Closing Date otherwise neither of you will be included in the doubles draw.
  • The Draw for each event will be displayed on the notice board by 29th February. Players arrange their own matches up until the finals.
  • The Rules and Guidelines have been displayed here for your information – The handicap allocations for singles and doubles will be displayed on the draws when the event starts on 29th February.
  • Matches must be played by the “play by date” stated above each round (on the draw sheet). The dates will be decided once all entries have been received.
  • First round losers will go through to the Consolation Draw (Plate Draw) unless they indicate otherwise.
  • Players bracketed top are responsible for contacting their opponent and offering 3 reasonable dates on which to play the match. However, it would be appreciated if all players concerned made efforts to get the match arranged – the idea is to play tennis and avoid walk-overs.
  • The Finals will be played on Saturday 9th May at times as directed by the Referees. If any player is unavailable for Finals Day then they must “scratch” (concede) at match point in the quarter finals or earlier.


21 Scoring for Men's and Women's Singles Events


  • This 21 scoring system applies to Singles only.
  • Best of 3 “Sets” - first to 21 points (no 2 point differential required)
  • Handicaps to be averaged out, i.e. +8 / +14 becomes 0 / +6 *
  • Take turns serving – 4 points each (coin toss to determine who serves first)
  • First server to serve 4 serves or less until the combined score is divisible by 4. In the example above* first server would have 2 serves. This will help when remembering when to change ends or who should be serving.
  • Change ends after every 8 points (i.e. after both players have each served 4 points)
  • Change ends at the end of each “set”. The person who served first in the previous “set” should not serve first in the following set.


Tournament Rules


  • The minimum age for entry is 14 years old on or before 31st December 2019.
  • All Singles matches will use the new “first to” 21 point scoring system (details re: number of sets and when to change server/ends etc have been displayed on a separate document on the notice board).
  • All doubles matches will consist of 1 PRO SET (first to 9 games with no 2 game differential ie 9-8 wins) with sudden death on the 2nd deuce (the plus and minus handicaps will be allocated as appropriate).
  • No entry will be accepted without payment of the correct entry fee in full by the closing date published.
  • An event will be held only with a minimum of 8 entries.
  • All matches will be played under the LTA Rules, Code of Conduct and The West Hants Club Rules. The Referees decision is final.
  • The appointed Ratings Committee will allocate handicaps and its decision on the matter is final.
  • Without exception matches must be played by the given play-by-date which will be strictly enforced. Both players have responsibility for ensuring this happens.
  • Players bracketed top have the responsibility of contacting their opponent and offering 3 reasonable dates on which to play the match. They should also provide the balls. Court surface should be mutually agreed or decided by a coin toss. Court fees should be shared.
  • If no fixture agreement is made the match must be played on the actual play-by –date.
  • If there is no result on the draw sheet the morning after the play by date then the top listed player(s) will go through automatically (therefore the bottom listed player(s) should also make efforts to contact their opponent to arrange the match and avoid a walk-over). Winners are responsible for writing up the result after each match.
  • The Referees must be informed (before the play-by date) of any difficulties arranging matches.
  • The winner(s) is responsible for writing the result including the score on the draw sheet immediately after the match.
  • Balls will be provided on Finals Day.               
  • Finals Day is a set date (Saturday 9th May) and players must be available for Finals Day or scratch at match point in the quarter- final stage or earlier.



There is no seeding in a Handicap Draw.

Players who did not indicate a playing standard on their entry form have been allocated 0 Handicap (except when Coaches have been able to give advice on playing ability).

The cost of court bookings should be shared.

1st match losers will go into a consolation (plate) draw. Consolation finals will have a set play by date (i.e not be part of main draw finals day). The Referee will enter the losers in the correct place on the consolation draw after each 1st round match is completed. Please make sure you keep an eye on the Main & Consolation Draws to arrange your next match.



If both players have the same handicap i.e. –15 v –15 then they can start level at scratch 0.

Handicaps can only be averaged out if you are both either minus handicaps or plus handicaps.. I.e. –e.g: -30 v –15 can be changed to –15 v 0

Or +15 v +30 can be changed to 0 v +15

However  -15 v +30 cannot be changed to 0 v +40 (a plus and a minus cannot be averaged out)

To avoid confusion please make sure the score is announced clearly after each point.

Remember to start the service game from the correct side of the court depending on your handicap combination. For example:

0              v              -15          Serve from the left

0              v              +15         Serve from the left

0              v              -30          Serve from the right

0              v              -40          Serve from the left

-15          v              +15         Serve from the right

-30          v              +15         Serve from the left                  


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