Racketball Courses for all abilities - beginners very welcome!

Posted on 05th Sep 2017


Would you like to try a sport that's easy to learn, fun to play, a great workout, and perfect for all ages?  


The courses below detail what we offer ladies beginners and improvers.  To view all activities on offer, please click here to view our full timetable!



7.15pm – 8pm

4th September– 16th October = 7 weeks

45 minute lesson

Price: Members £35; Non-members £49



11.30am – 12.30pm

8th September – 20th October = 7 weeks

1 hour lesson

Price: Members £42; Non-members £56



11.15am - 12.15pm

9th September – 21st October = 6 weeks (excludes 23rd September)

1 hour lesson

Price: Members £36; Non-members £48



How do I sign up?

Simply speak to a member of our Reception Team or contact Bev Vatcher on 07740 816009 /


We look forward to welcoming you soon!



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